we've created something nu for you- a candle that is natural, clean, and a beautiful addition to any space.

nu is an alternate spelling of 'new' and a root cause for our name selection. in it's more specialized meaning, nu denotes the re-envisioning of art (as defined on urbandictionary.com). 

our candle is completely handmade - from the concrete vessel to the locally sourced, hand poured natural coconut wax. 

a breakdown of our product:


nu uses only the finest wax available for candle making. 

our candles are made of a 100% natural coconut wax blend that is paraben-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, and never animal tested. our wax is safe to apply as a topical moisturizer as well (one of our favorite parts!)



we've spent time creating and perfecting our fragrance combinations.

nu's first four scents are called won, too, thre & fore - we think you'll like them all.

vessel variations

we currently offer two vessel variations:

earth butter + moon rock

earth butter is our smooth vessel, a texture that is reached by adding more water, allowing the mix to settle completely into the vessel.

moon rock is our 'imperfect' vessel, created with a thicker concrete mix naturally allowing pockets and holes to form throughout the vessel in interesting and unpredictable ways.

currently unbranded, these candles are intended to be that way allowing you to enjoy the beauty of it in its entirety, unobstructed.

nu candles are designed for all human to enjoy, always.

with a mission that leans heavily on vibe elevation, we hope our eco-luxe candles will do just that for you and those that surround you.

If you're in Malibu, visit Rubin & Chapelle to purchase a candle in store!

thanks for visiting our site and embracing what is nu​.

with love,

nu los angeles

Thank You!